Young sweethearts Sailor and Lula run from the assortment of creeps that Lula's mother has recruited to kill Sailor.
Ten years after a band of hired soldiers originally struggled a horrible outsider, the imperceptible animal from a different universe has gotten back to Earth - and this time, it's attracted to the posse managed and assaulted city of Los Angeles. At the point when it begins killing street pharmacists, analyst lieutenant Mike Harrigan and his police power set off to catch the animal, disregarding alerts from a baffling government specialist to remain away.
Clyde Williams and Billy Foster are several common laborers in Atlanta who have vowed to raise assets for their intimate request, the Brothers and Sisters of Shaka. Notwithstanding, their technique for collecting the cash includes venturing out to New Orleans and gear a boxing match.
Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby collaborate in this clever misfortune as pals Steve and Wardell, who head uptown to a chic club. Sadly, hoodlums hit the club and take Steve's wallet - which ends up holding a triumphant lottery ticket. Poitier likewise coordinated this exemplary 1970s parody, which co-stars Harry Belafonte as Godfather figure Geechie Dan Beauford and Richard Pryor.
The Charismatic dark patriot pioneer Rev Deke O'Malley is attempting to sell individuals of Harlem a fantasy. Put $100 in his organization and live in Africa. In any case, cops Gravedigger and Coffin thoroughly understand Deke and his false plans that make the most of poor people and the uninformed and can hardly wait for an opportunity to uncover him.
Rod Taylor plays a police officer shipped off return a delicate case; An Australian resident, at present going about as high chief for harmony talks who is needed for an old charge - of homicide. The discussions are too touchy to be in any way upset, so Taylor winds up watching Christopher Plummer as he directs his discussions, and finds that a few need the discussions to bomb to the point of reasoning that killing Plummer is a conspicuous method for halting them.


When 17 year old Joanna comes to Swinging London, she meets a large group of bright characters, finds the delights of easygoing sex and experiences passionate feelings. That is when things get complicated.

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