After parting with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins superheroes Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya to save a little kid from a detestable wrongdoing lord.
A damaged, alcoholic Dan Torrance meets Abra, a child who additionally can "sparkle." He attempts to shield her from the True Knot, a clique whose objective is to benefit from individuals like them to remain immortal.


Two partners at a progressive exploration lab plan innovation to improve and consummate heartfelt connections. As their work advances, their revelations become more profound.
To commend the century of the Royal Air Force, Ewan and Colin McGregor take to the skies in a portion of the world's most notable planes. These are the planes that were associated with elevated battle at each phase of the RAF's story, from the biplanes utilized in the beginning of dogfighting in World War I to the excellent Spitfire of the Battle of Britain, the fearless Lysander and on to strong Vulcan atomic aircraft, just as the Chinook helicopter and supersonic Typhoon that are as yet in help today. It is an account of astounding machines and epic fights, however over all it is the narrative of the people whose mental fortitude and creativity have been at the core of the RAF for a long time. On their excursion Ewan and Colin meet an astounding cast of characters.
Working-class family man Christopher Robin experiences his beloved companion Winnie-the-Pooh, who assists him with rediscovering the delights of life.
A surprisingly realistic variation of Disney's adaptation of the exemplary story of a reviled ruler and a wonderful young lady who assists him with breaking the spell.
After 20 years abroad, Mark Renton gets back to Scotland and reunites with his lifelong companions Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie.
Set in after war America, a man watches his apparently wonderful life self-destruct as his girl's new political connection takes steps to annihilate their family.
A youthful Oxford scholastic and his lawyer sweetheart occasion on Antigua. They chance upon a Russian tycoon who claims a landmass and a precious stone watch. He needs a round of tennis. What else he needs drives the sweethearts on a convoluted excursion to the City of London and its unholy collusion with Britain's insight foundation, to Paris and the Alps.
Humpback Whales takes crowds to Alaska, Hawaii and the Kingdom of Tonga for a nearby gander at how these whales convey, sing, feed, play and deal with their young. Humpbacks were almost headed to termination 50 years prior, yet today are making a consistent recuperation. Join a group of specialists as they investigate what makes humpbacks the most gymnastic of all whales, why just the guys sing, and why these canny 50-foot, 48-ton creatures relocate in excess of 6,000 miles full circle each year.
Art vendor, Charles Mortdecai, looks for a taken composition supposed to contain a mystery code that accesses stowed away Nazi gold.
After her criminal spouse gets back shot with eight slugs and scarcely alive, Jane hesitantly contacts an ex-darling who she hasn't seen in more than decade to assist her with safeguarding her ranch when the opportunity arrives that her better half's pack at last tracks him down to complete the job.
Locked up for a minor wrongdoing, 19 year old JR rapidly learns the unforgiving real factors of jail life. Assurance, assuming that you can get it, is central. JR before long winds up under the careful attention of Australia's most infamous lawbreaker, Brendan Lynch, however security comes at a price.
The story of an antiquated conflict that is reignited when a youthful farmhand accidentally opens a passage between our reality and a fearsome race of monsters. Released on the Earth without precedent for hundreds of years, the goliaths endeavor to recover the land they once lost, driving the youngster, Jack into the skirmish of his life to stop them. Battling for a realm, its kin, and the affection for a fearless princess, he encounters the relentless heroes he thought just existed in legend-and finds the opportunity to turn into a legend himself.
A take a gander at the existences of the solid willed ladies of the Weston family, whose ways have separated until a family emergency takes them back to the Midwest house they experienced childhood in, and to the broken lady who raised them.
In December 2004, affectionate family Maria, Henry and their three children start their colder time of year excursion in Thailand. In any case, the day after Christmas, the unspoiled occasion transforms into a limitless bad dream when a frightening thunder ascends from the profundities of the ocean, trailed by a mass of dark water that gobbles up everything in its way. However Maria and her family face their breaking point, surprising showcases of generosity and fortitude improve their terror.
Brothers Colin and Ewan McGregor follow up their narrative The Battle of Britain with a film investigating Bomber Command, a seldom recounted story from the Second World War. The film centers basically around the ones who battled and kicked the bucket in the skies above involved Europe, with various instances of individual gallantry and unprecedented aggregate soul, and Colin figures out how to fly the critical airplane of the mission: the Lancaster aircraft. However, this is likewise the tale of a contention that has kept going right around 70 years. The program covers six years of wartime tasks, and follows the snags and difficulties that were defeated as the RAF created and conveyed the wonderful battling power that was Bomber Command.
Mallory Kane is an exceptionally prepared usable who works for an administration security project worker in the dirtiest, most risky corners of the world. After effectively liberating a Chinese columnist held prisoner, she is betrayed and left for dead by somebody near her in her own organization. Out of nowhere the objective of talented professional killers who know everything she might do, Mallory should track down reality to remain alive.
Shot all over the planet in 2010 and 2011, 'Quickest' distils the exhilarating, startling truth of the MotoGP big showdown into a most extreme speed, full-length narrative element film. 'Quickest' catches a critical second in the game. Pursuing his 10th world title, the amazing Valentino Rossi runs into the hardest test of his life: a flood of fiercely quick youthful riders, a horrendous, leg-breaking crash at the Italian fabulous prix, a horrifying rebound 41 days after the fact in Germany, and the inquiry each rider - even the best ever - should confront. Who's quickest now? In 2010, Jorge Lorenzo took the MotoGP crown. In any case, is Rossi still the king?
A fisheries master is drawn closer by an advisor to assist with understanding a sheik's vision of carrying the game of fly-fishing to the desert and leaves on an upstream excursion of confidence and fish to demonstrate the incomprehensible possible.
Susan is a researcher looking for replies to significant inquiries. So vital that she has abandoned different things, similar to adore - until she meets Micheal. Susan and Michael end up leaving on an erotic experience while their general surroundings is by all accounts self-destructing. An invigorating glance at loving and be adored in fierce times.
A youngster is shaken by two declarations from his older dad: that he has terminal disease, and that he has a youthful male lover.
A sarcastic elective history of World War II where the Nazis hold onto London and England should rally to forestall an all out invasion.
Seventy years on, siblings Colin and Ewan McGregor take watchers through the vital snapshots of the Battle of Britain, when 'the couple of' of the RAF confronted the might of the Nazi Luftwaffe. As they fly noteworthy planes, meet the veterans, investigate the strategies and innovation, Colin and Ewan find the significance of the Battle and the enduring tradition of the 1940's mission for the cutting edge RAF.

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