Anne, a splendid and committed support legal advisor work in the public eye's generally defenseless, youngsters and youthful grown-ups, lives what gives off an impression of being the truly amazing existence with her PCP spouse, Peter, and their twin little girls. At the point when her alienated young stepson, Gustav, moves in with them, Anne's heightening craving drives her down a perilous deep, dark hole which, once uncovered, releases a grouping of occasions bound to annihilate her world.
After quite a while together, William and Cecilie separate. To treat the distress with affection that very night they choose to do the medication MDMA together. This outcomes in a passionate thrill ride over an entire end of the week, where they're segregated together in their apartment.
After long stretches of going through Europe, the juvenile William winds up in Copenhagen, the spot of his dad's introduction to the world. He becomes a close acquaintence with the energetic Effy, who works in William's lodging as a feature of an entry level position program, and they set out to observe William's last living family member. Effy's blend of young abundance and shrewdness challenges William dissimilar to any lady at any point has. As the fascination assembles, he should understand undermining components of his family's ignoble past.
REBOUNCE is a vivid, extreme and strong film including Frederikke Dahl Hansen in the main job. She plays inverse Anne Sofie Espersen and Dar Salim, and in spite of being just 16 years of age she depicts durability, appeal, and weakness splendidly. REBOUNCE is an extraordinary show. Louise's mom is barely out of jail and according to a youngster she's cool, intense and charming. To win her affection, Louise takes cues from her and enters a universe of celebrating, drugs, quick money and men. In the interim, everybody appears to fail to remember that she is only a teenager

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