Simon, a damaged young fellow who can witness the future should successfully stop an executioner, regardless of whether it implies being the killer's last casualty. He recruits Steve, an ex-SAS trooper however their arrangement goes awry.
On her eighteenth birthday celebration, stiff-necked and imaginative Charlie makes a surprising disclosure the man wedded to her mom, isn't her dad. Enlisting Oz, an unpleasant sleeper whose main belonging is his driving permit, she leaves on an epic excursion from Margate to the Isle of Skye to find her natural dad. On the excursion the two of them learn beyond anything they could have expected.
With no place else to stow away, a gathering of hired soldiers and their detainees seek shelter inside a since a long time ago deserted Bulldog tank. Yet, while they attempt to keep the powers outside under control, the genuine foe is now among them, locked inside the 'Midsection of the Bulldog'. In the wake of teaming up intimately with Ben Wheatley on FREE FIRE, HIGH-RISE, A FIELD IN ENGLAND and KILL LIST, chief Nick Gillespie makes his component debut.
After long stretches of going through Europe, the juvenile William winds up in Copenhagen, the spot of his dad's introduction to the world. He becomes a close acquaintence with the energetic Effy, who works in William's lodging as a feature of an entry level position program, and they set out to observe William's last living family member. Effy's blend of young abundance and shrewdness challenges William dissimilar to any lady at any point has. As the fascination assembles, he should understand undermining components of his family's ignoble past.
Vatican agents are shipped off the British West Country to examine paranormal action, and they observe the occasions are more upsetting than they first imagined.
This spin-off of the movies hit All for One observes the already very close triplet scattered: Nikolai is released early, siblings Ralf and Timo are arranging a heist including the impossible mix of unsalted spread, a severe eating routine and a helicopter. At the point when their apparently inconceivable heist succeeds, Nikolai requests to get some the means to begin once again. The siblings reject him, yet when every one of them three are deceived by a fish-cherishing banking chief, they are compelled to collaborate again.
Four rebels, who were dearest companions as children, have one major issue: they're perched on the two sides of the law. Martin is a cop, while Nikolai, Ralf, and Timo can't recognize individual belongings and the assets of others! At the point when every one of the four end up in a fix, they're compelled to get back to their previous stunts against a typical enemy, Mr Niemeyer. Martin isn't as effective, in any case, either at his specific employment or marriage, and thinks he merits a superior life. Presently he sees a potential chance to save his vocation by "playing" with his lifelong companions on a mission that is insane that even the two absurd siblings can do a few good.
In the year 2125, Alec Mason drove the Martian Colonies to opportunity in the hit activity game Red Faction: Guerrilla. Presently, Syfy and THQ are collaborating to proceed with the adventure of contention on Mars 25 years after the fact in an all-new Original Movie, Red Faction: Origins. Stargate Universe's Brian J. Smith stars as Jake Mason, child of progressive legend Alec Mason (Terminator 2's Robert Patrick) and a Red Faction officer. Battling to save Martian opportunity, Jake experiences a strong new foe in a risky and puzzling gathering drove by the alluring Adam Hale (Torchwood's Gareth David-Lloyd) and holding mysteries that will shake the Mason tribe. Jake should now fight the tenacious system and some way or another rejoin a family destroyed by war. Red Faction: Origins likewise stars Battlestar Galactica's Kate Vernon and The Tudors' Tamzin Merchant, and will highlight music from Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica).
Two blundering salvaged material criminals - father and child - take some unacceptable canvas during a gallery heist. The work of art ends up being the main unique Rembrandt painting in Denmark, and poop hits the fan. What do you do when you have Interpol, the Danish police and the whole Danish hidden world behind you? Also who was this Rembrandt fellow anyway?

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