High school maverick Bird Fitcher has no clue about what dull insider facts are attached to the strange Polaroid vintage camera she coincidentally finds, yet it doesn't take long to find that the people who have their image taken meet an unfortunate end. Bird and her companions should endure another night as they competition to settle the secret of the spooky Polaroid before it kills them all.
Four individuals become caught the once-lively Rosemont Lodge during a snowstorm before Christmas.
Karen, an outwardly disabled youngster and her grandma make a normal visit to clean the family-possessed investment property. In any case, things become agitating when Karen observes herself to be separated from everyone else and cherished recollections surface.
Brad has submitted murder and blockaded himself inside his home. With the assistance of his companions and neighbors, the cops piece together the unusual story of how this pleasant young fellow showed up at such a dim place.
Newly connected with, Ben and Sadie can hardly wait to begin their everyday routine together and experience cheerfully ever later. Anyway Sadie's family church's Reverend Frank will not favor their association until they pass his protected, "idiot proof" marriage prep course comprising of incredible classes, abnormal schoolwork tasks and some through and through attack of privacy.
An entertainer's view of reality turns out to be progressively contorted as she ends up succumbing to her co-star in a change of an incomplete Polish creation that was apparently cursed.
American nurture, Karen Davis moves to Tokyo and experiences a vindictive powerful soul known as The Grudge that frequently has its casualties. At the point when a progression of alarming and strange passings happen - with the soul passing its revile onto every casualty - Karen should see as away to break the spell before she turns into the soul's next victim.
While helping out and looking for a runaway youngster, a police investigator coincidentally finds an odd band of crooks going to pull off a bank robbery.
Difficult story of poor, battling South Carolinian mother and little girl, who each face agonizing decisions with their determination and pride. Bone, the oldest little girl, and Anney her drained mother, become both nearer and farther separated: Anney considers Glen to be her last possibility. The movie won an Emmy Award for "Exceptional Casting for a Miniseries or a Special" and was selected for "Extraordinary Directing for a Miniseries or a Special", "Remarkable Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Special", and "Remarkable Made for Television Movie". It was separated the Un Certain Regard area at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival.
A group of skydiving hooligans drove by DEA-specialist turned-awful Ty Moncrief (Busey) spend significant time in arriving on police rooftops and breaking in so their insidious PC geek can take spies' documents and offer them to medicate rulers. Government Marshal Pete Nessip (Snipes) lost a sibling to this group and gets the hang of skydiving with the assistance of intense yet adorable teacher Jessie Crossmann (Butler) so he can follow them down.
When a sprite named Crysta contracts a human kid, Zak, down to her size, he pledges to assist the enchanted pixie people with halting a voracious logging organization from annihilating their home, the flawless rainforest known as FernGully. Zak and his new companions battle to guard FernGully from loggers - and the vindictive soul they coincidentally release in the wake of hacking down an enchantment tree.
In this free variation of Shakespeare's "Henry IV," Mike Waters is a gay trickster burdened with narcolepsy. Scott Favor is the insubordinate child of a city chairman. Together, the two travel from Portland, Oregon to Idaho lastly to the bank of Italy in a journey to observe Mike's alienated mother. En route they turn stunts for cash and medications, at last drawing in the consideration of a rich advocate and sexual deviant.
When Andy's mom is conceded to a mental clinic, the young man is put in child care, not entirely set in stone to guarantee Andy's spirit, isn't far behind.
Young sweethearts Sailor and Lula run from the assortment of creeps that Lula's mother has recruited to kill Sailor.
Bob Hughes is the head of a "family" of medication addicts comprising of his better half, Dianne, and one more couple who feed their propensity by looting pharmacies as they traverse the country.
Remy McSwain is a New Orleans police lieutenant who examines the homicide of a neighborhood mobster. His examination drives him to associate that individual individuals with the police power might be involved.
An manhandled battered spouse has had enough of husband pounding on her. Wherever she turns for help, there's very little anybody will do. After he assaults her one evening, she sets the bed ablaze with him in it asleep.
Don Knotts and Tim Conway star in The Private Eyes, a 1980 satire around two blundering analysts tackling a homicide. It's an astonishingly inept undertaking. Each old joke falls with a muted crash as Knotts and Conway ham their direction through the inconsequential story: The master and woman of an extensive house are killed, and the ruler's phantom appears to have gotten back to knock off the staff individually. There'

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