Nicolas Banister, a rough and singular veteran living in a not so distant future Miami overwhelmed by rising oceans, is a specialist in a hazardous occupation: he offers customers the opportunity to remember any memory they want. His life changes when he meets a baffling young lady named Mae. What starts as a basic matter of lost and found turns into an enthusiastic relationship. However, when an alternate customer's recollections involve Mae in a progression of fierce violations, Banister should dig through the dim universe of the past to uncover reality with regards to the lady he fell for.
The magnetic Sir Lionel Frost believes himself to be the world's premier examiner of fantasies and beasts. Inconvenience is, none of his little leaning, high-society peers appears to perceive this. Expecting to at long last acquire acknowledgment from these individual explorers, Sir Lionel goes to the Pacific Northwest to demonstrate the presence of an incredible animal known as the missing link.
A director of a school locale works to improve the understudy's schooling while at the same time stealing public assets to carry on with the existence he wants.
Gary Hart, previous Senator of Colorado, turns into the leader for the Democratic official selection in 1987. Hart's knowledge, allure and optimism makes him famous with youthful citizens, passing on him with an apparently make way to the White House. All that comes crashing down when charges of an extramarital issue surface in the media, compelling the possibility to address an embarrassment that takes steps to wreck his mission and individual life.


In the not so distant future, an exhausted Logan really focuses on a sickly Professor X in a hideaway on the Mexican boundary. However, Logan's endeavors to stow away from the world and his heritage are overturned when a youthful freak shows up, sought after by dull forces.
Iconic songstress Barbra Streisand comes full circle her 13-city visit in Miami with stunning melodies, Broadway norms and stories from behind the scenes.
The story of American entertainer P.T. Barnum, author of the carnival that turned into the popular voyaging Ringling Bros. what's more Barnum and Bailey Circus.


Living a depressing presence at a London shelter, 12-year-old Peter winds up whisked away to the fantastical universe of Neverland. Experience anticipates as he meets new companion James Hook and the champion Tiger Lily. They should unite as one to save Neverland from the merciless privateer Blackbeard. En route, the defiant and devilish kid finds his actual predetermination, turning into the saint always known as Peter Pan.
One man's excursion to find the unpleasant truth about sugar. Damon Gameau sets out on a remarkable investigation to report the impacts of a high sugar diet on a solid body, eating just food varieties that are generally seen as 'sound'. Through this engaging and educational excursion, Damon features a portion of the issues that plague the sugar business, and where sugar sneaks on general store shelves.
In 2009, entertainers Hugh Jackman and his better half, Deborra-lee Furness, went to Ethiopia as envoys for World Vision Australia, one of the world's biggest philanthropic guide associations. As long-lasting contributors, the Jackmans needed to visit a World Vision people group improvement venture to perceive how provincial networks were being enabled to annihilate neediness. While in the Yirgacheffe district, Hugh met a 27 year-old espresso rancher named Dukale, attempting to lift his family out of destitution. Investing energy in Dukale's homestead, Hugh scholarly direct with regards to the worth of reasonable exchange espresso and clean cookstove innovation. (C) Official Site
Wolverine faces his definitive enemy - and trial of his physical, enthusiastic, and mortal cutoff points - in an extraordinary journey to current Japan.
When Keller Dover's girl and her companion disappear, he assumes control over issues as the police seek after different leads and the tension builds. Be that as it may, exactly how far will this frantic dad go to secure his family?
The film is made out of different satire shorts introduced through an all-encompassing portion named "The Pitch", where Charlie Wessler, a frantic screenwriter, is endeavoring to pitch a content to film chief Griffin Schraeder. Subsequent to uncovering a few of the accounts in his content, Wessler becomes disturbed when Schraeder excuses his crazy thoughts, and he threatens to use a firearm on him and powers him to pay attention to numerous different stories prior to causing Schraeder to counsel his supervisor, Bob Mone, to buy the film.
When an abhorrent soul known as Pitch sets out the gauntlet to assume control over the world, the godlike Guardians should combine efforts interestingly to ensure the expectations, convictions and creative mind of youngsters all around the world.
An transformation of the fruitful stage melodic in view of Victor Hugo's exemplary novel set in nineteenth century France, in which a paroled detainee named Jean Valjean looks for redemption.
Sooner rather than later, Charlie Kenton is a cleaned up warrior who resigned from the ring when robots assumed control over the game. After Charlie's robot is destroyed, he hesitantly collaborates with his alienated child Max to remake and prepare an improbable contender.
Beloved by offspring of any age all over the planet, Elmo is a worldwide symbol. Barely any individuals know his maker, Kevin Clash, who longed for working with his godlike object, ace puppeteer Jim Henson. Showing his innovativeness and ability at a youthful age, Kevin eventually tracked down a home on Sesame Street. Described by Whoopi Goldberg, this narrative incorporates uncommon chronicled film, interviews with Frank Oz, Rosie O'Donnell, Cheryl Henson, Joan Ganz Cooney and others and offers an in the background take a gander at Sesame Street and the Jim Henson Workshop.
After looking to carry on with a typical life, Logan decides to vindicate the passing of his better half by going through the freak Weapon X program and becoming Wolverine.
As a corporate inspector who works in various workplaces, Jonathan McQuarry meanders without an anchor among New York's power representatives. A possibility meeting with charming legal counselor Wyatt Bose prompts' first experience with The List, an underground sex club. Jonathan starts an undertaking with a lady referred to just as S, who acquaints Jonathan with a universe of unfairness and murder.
London high-society mouse, Roddy is washed away for good by Sid, a typical sewer rodent. Hold tight for a silly experience somewhere down in the sewer entrails of Ratropolis, where Roddy meets the clever Rita, the rat abhorring Toad and his dedicated hooligans, Spike and Whitey.
Into the universe of the Emperor Penguins, who observe their perfect partners through tune, a penguin is conceived who can't sing. Be that as it may, he can tap dance something fierce!
A puzzling story of two performers whose serious competition drives them on a deep rooted fight for incomparability - loaded with fixation, duplicity and desire with perilous and lethal consequences.
When a fix is found to treat transformations, lines are drawn among the X-Men and The Brotherhood, a band of strong freaks coordinated under Xavier's previous partner, Magneto.
Famed beast slayer Gabriel Van Helsing is dispatched to Transylvania to help the remainder of the Valerious bloodline in overcoming Count Dracula. Anna Valerious uncovers that Dracula has shaped an unholy collusion with Dr. Frankenstein's beast and is never going to budge on demanding a centuries-old revile on her family.

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