Socialite Vita Sackville-West and artistic symbol Virginia Woolf run in various circles in 1920s London. In spite of the chances, the attractive Vita and the boggling Virginia manufacture an eccentric undertaking, set against the background of their own strikingly contemporary relationships; which roused one of Woolf's most notable books, 'Orlando'.
Documentary recounting the exceptional story of Koko, the main 'talking' gorilla on the planet, and her deep rooted relationship with Penny Patterson. Project Koko began as a PhD venture to show gesture based communication to a child gorilla, yet as Koko spoke with Penny, a serious security framed between them. Penny has now been with Koko for north of 40 years and cases Koko can uncover new bits of knowledge into the functions of a creature's brain. Koko's novel existence with Penny has been shot constantly. North of 2,000 hours of film graph the most emotional minutes - Penny's fight to hold Koko back from being returned to the zoo wherein she was conceived, Penny's conflict with scholastic pundits who questioned her cases and the picture of Koko grieving the passing of her cat.
A inventive and driven teen is frantic to get away from his old neighborhood and the eerie recollections of his violent childhood.


A easygoing school educator finds a copy entertainer and dives into the other man's private affairs.
A discouraged man moves back in with his folks following a new deplorability and winds up with two women.
An modeler participates in struggle with an in lobbyist a perilous complex the engineer designed.
While exploring his book In Cold Blood, author Truman Capote fosters a cozy relationship with sentenced killers Dick Hickock and Perry Smith.
In Depression-period Winnipeg, a legless brew aristocrat has a challenge for the saddest music on the planet, offering a fantastic prize of $25,000.
Monte Walsh and Chet Rollins are long-term cowhands, working whatever farm work comes their direction, yet "nothing they can't do from a pony." Their lives are split between months on the reach and an intermittent excursion into town. Monte has a drawn out relationship with whore Martine Bernard, while Chet has fallen captivated of the widow who possesses the tool shop. Kinship and contest with the other cowpokes fill their days, until one of the hands, Shorty Austin, loses his employment and engages in stirring and killing. Then, at that point, Monte and Chet observe that their lives on the reach are unyieldingly redirected.
After parting ways with his darling and chief, a cajoling man takes his teenaged nephew making the rounds looking for sex.
Primo and Secondo, two migrant siblings, place their faith on a meal regarding Louis Prima to save their battling restaurant.
The story concerns the burial service of one of three siblings in a group of hoodlums that lived in New York in 1930s. Subtleties of the past of the siblings and their families are displayed through a progression of flashbacks.
The life and demise of the incredible Ludwig van Beethoven. Adjacent to basically everything he is known for, the writer once composed a renowned love letter to an anonymous darling and the film attempts to discover who this dearest was. Difficult as Beethoven has had numerous ladies in his life.
After an awful air catastrophe, survivor Max Klein arises a changed individual. Unfit to interface with his previous life or to spouse Laura, he feels heavenly and safe. At the point when analyst Bill Perlman can't help Max, he has Max meet another survivor, Carla Rodrigo, who is racked with misery and culpability since her child kicked the bucket in the accident which she and Max survived.
Madeline is hitched to Ernest, who was once chief adversary Helen's life partner. Subsequent to recuperating from a psychological episode, Helen promises to kill Madeline and take back Ernest. Sadly for everybody, the presentation of an enchanted mixture makes things be significantly more convoluted than a simple homicide plot.
Young sweethearts Sailor and Lula run from the assortment of creeps that Lula's mother has recruited to kill Sailor.
The disclosure of a cut off human ear found in a field drives a youngster on an examination connected with a lovely, strange dance club artist and a gathering of lawbreakers who have seized her child.
An ostracize Russian artist is on a plane compelled to arrive on Soviet region. He is taken to a loft where a dark American who has hitched a Russian lady lives with her. He is to turn into an artist for the Bolshoi again, yet he wishes to get away, yet would he be able to believe the American?

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