A disturbed police criminal investigator downgraded to 911 administrator obligation scrambles to save a troubled guest during a nerve racking day of disclosures - and reckonings.
Lucky Prescott's life is changed everlastingly when she moves from her home in the city to a little wilderness town and gets to know a wild bronco named Spirit.
John Mulaney and his child buddies tackle existential subjects for all ages with infectious melodies, improv shows and extraordinary visitors in a nostalgic assortment special.
Peter Parker and his companions go on a mid year excursion to Europe. Nonetheless, they can barely rest - Peter should consent to assist with scratching Fury uncover the secret of animals that cause cataclysmic events and obliteration all through the continent.
Big cash craftsmen and uber gatherers follow through on a significant expense when craftsmanship slams into commerce. After a progression of works of art by an obscure craftsman are found, an otherworldly power authorizes vengeance on the individuals who have permitted their ravenousness to hinder art.
14-year-old Joe is the lone offspring of Jeanette and Jerry-a housewife and a golf favorable to in a humble community in 1960s Montana. Close by, an uncontrolled timberland fire seethes near the Canadian line, and when Jerry loses his employment and his feeling of direction he chooses to join the reason for battling the fire, passing on his better half and child to fight for themselves.
The beautifully named gold miner Hermann Kermit Warm is being sought after across 1,000 miles of 1850s Oregon desert to San Francisco by the famous professional killers Eli and Charlie Sisters. But Eli is having an individual emergency and starting to question the life span of his picked vocation. Also Hermann may have a superior offer.


The six-part team of the International Space Station is entrusted with concentrating on an example from Mars that might be the primary evidence of extra-earthbound life, which demonstrates more astute than any other time expected.
A survivor of the Boston Marathon besieging in 2013 assists the police with finding the executioners while attempting to recuperate from crushing trauma.


In each age, a light passes from father to child. Also that immortal dynamic is the pulsating heart of Tommy's Honor - a close, capably moving story of the genuine organizers of the cutting edge round of golf.
Billy "The Great" Hope, the supreme junior middleweight boxing champion, has an amazing vocation, a caring spouse and girl, and an extravagant way of life. Notwithstanding, when misfortune strikes, Billy ends up in a seemingly impossible situation, losing his family, his home and his administrator. He before long observes a far-fetched friend in need in Tick Willis, a previous warrior who prepares the city's hardest novice fighters. With his future on the line, Hope battles to recover the trust of those he adores the most.
At the point when Lou Bloom, frantic for work, muscles into the universe of L.A. wrongdoing news coverage, he obscures the line among spectator and member to turn into the star of his own story. Supporting him in his work is Nina, a TV-news veteran.


A easygoing school educator finds a copy entertainer and dives into the other man's private affairs.
When Keller Dover's girl and her companion disappear, he assumes control over issues as the police seek after different leads and the tension builds. Be that as it may, exactly how far will this frantic dad go to secure his family?
Two youthful officials are set apart for death subsequent to taking a little store of cash and guns from the individuals from a famous cartel during a normal traffic stop.
Decorated fighter Captain Colter Stevens awakens in the body of an obscure man, finding he's engaged with a mission to observe the plane of a Chicago passenger train. He learns he's essential for a highly classified trial program that empowers him to encounter the last 8 minutes of someone else's life. Colter re-experiences the train episode again and again, assembling more hints each time. In any case, would he be able to find who is answerable for the assault before the following one happens?
A maverick sovereign hesitantly combines efforts with a baffling princess and together, they race against dull powers to protect an antiquated blade fit for delivering the Sands of Time - gift from the divine beings that can invert time and permit its owner to manage the world.
Maggie, an appealing nonconformist who won't let anybody - or anything - secure her. Yet, she meets her match in Jamie, whose determined and almost dependable beguile work well for him with the women and in the relentless universe of drug deals. Maggie and Jamie's developing relationship overwhelms them both, as they wind up affected by a definitive medication: love.
When his helicopter goes down during his fourth deployment in Afghanistan, Marine Sam Cahill is assumed dead. Back home, sibling Tommy steps in to investigate Sam's better half, Grace, and two youngsters. Sam's unexpected homecoming triggers homegrown mayhem.
When an Egyptian psychological warfare suspect "vanishes" on a departure from Africa to Washington DC, his American spouse and a CIA expert wind up got up to speed in a battle to get his delivery from a mysterious confinement office some place outside the US.


The genuine story of the examination of the "Zodiac Killer", a chronic executioner who alarmed the San Francisco Bay Area, insulting police with his codes and letters. The case turns into a fixation for four men as their lives and professions are fabricated and annihilated by the interminable path of clues.


Catherine is a lady in her late twenties who is emphatically committed to her dad, Robert, a splendid and notable mathematician whose hold on the truth is starting to get away. As Robert dives into franticness, Catherine starts to contemplate whether she might have acquired her dad's dysfunctional behavior alongside his numerical virtuoso. At the point when Robert's work uncovers a numerical verification of possibly noteworthy extents, it sets off shock waves in a greater number of ways than one.
Two present day ranchers meet on a shepherding position in the late spring of '63, the two offer a crude and strong summer together that transforms into a deep rooted relationship clashing with the lives they should live.
Jarhead is a film about a US Marine Anthony Swofford's involvement with the Gulf War. In the wake of enduring an exhausting training camp, Swafford and his unit are shipped off the Persian Gulf where they are anxious to battle, however are compelled to remain back from the activity. Swofford battles with the chance of his better half undermining him, and as his psychological state crumbles, his longing to kill increases.

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