Thirteen-year-old Benjamin finds that his mom didn't bite the dust in a mishap as he was persuaded to think. The path focuses to high-positioning authorities in the Danish Secret Service, and he is told to believe no one.
A group of four is isolated in their home as a harmful strand of this season's virus spreads into town and they are compelled to the limit to get away from alive.
The young lady Emma and her new companion the mythical person kid Rod, need to save Santa's infant from the malicious mythical being queen.
After long stretches of going through Europe, the juvenile William winds up in Copenhagen, the spot of his dad's introduction to the world. He becomes a close acquaintence with the energetic Effy, who works in William's lodging as a feature of an entry level position program, and they set out to observe William's last living family member. Effy's blend of young abundance and shrewdness challenges William dissimilar to any lady at any point has. As the fascination assembles, he should understand undermining components of his family's ignoble past.
Four rebels, who were dearest companions as children, have one major issue: they're perched on the two sides of the law. Martin is a cop, while Nikolai, Ralf, and Timo can't recognize individual belongings and the assets of others! At the point when every one of the four end up in a fix, they're compelled to get back to their previous stunts against a typical enemy, Mr Niemeyer. Martin isn't as effective, in any case, either at his specific employment or marriage, and thinks he merits a superior life. Presently he sees a potential chance to save his vocation by "playing" with his lifelong companions on a mission that is insane that even the two absurd siblings can do a few good.


The life of Nynne depends on GUCCI sacks and Chanel items, carpaccio and innumerable visits to bistros, free associations with men who shouts 'best of luck!' when they cum, unused participations to the neighborhood rec center and a tolerant relationship with blending champagne, white wine, red wine, cognac, gin, tequila and lager. It goes with out saying: Nynne still can't seem to encounter her Kodak moment.

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