Fred (Elliott Gould) lives with his Alzheimers' battling spouse, Susan in their home of more than fifty years. Fred's adult youngsters attempt to persuade him to move into a consideration home close by Susan, be that as it may, he doesn't support this idea.
As a corporate inspector who works in various workplaces, Jonathan McQuarry meanders without an anchor among New York's power representatives. A possibility meeting with charming legal counselor Wyatt Bose prompts' first experience with The List, an underground sex club. Jonathan starts an undertaking with a lady referred to just as S, who acquaints Jonathan with a universe of unfairness and murder.


The appearance of an infant young lady causes the progressive crumbling of the Cairn family; especially for 9-year-old Joshua, an unpredictable kid whose legitimate childhood and refined preferences both take an evil turn.
After being denied an advancement at the college where she educates, Doctor Lily Penleric, a splendid musicologist, indiscreetly visits her sister, who runs a striving rustic school in Appalachia. There she coincidentally finds the disclosure of her life - a secret stash of old Scots-Irish numbers, tunes that have been given over from one age to another, safeguarded flawless by the confinement of the mountains. Determined to get her advancement, Lily wanders into the most secluded region of the mountains to gather the melodies and finds herself progressively enchanted.
An ophthalmologist's special lady takes steps to uncover their undertaking to his better half, while a wedded narrative producer is beguiled by another woman.

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