There is a sorcery, bohemian spot where individuals go around evening time to hear sensual stories. A Madame acquaints every customer with a woman or refined man, who will bring them profound into a universe of suggestive recitation. Words stream tenderly as want flawlessly attacks each inch and each cleft. The storytellers will take you on an excursion through four stories which will lead you to find new sentiments and places brimming with desire. Rundown of stories: The Two Alexes, My Mother, In Wonderland, Wet sheets.
Pirate tracker Captain Edward Reynolds and his fair first mate, Jules Steel, return where they are enrolled by an obscure lead representative general to observe a hazily vile Chinese ruler privateer, named Xifing, and her gathering of Arab cutthroats, whom are attempting to restore the late Victor Stagnetti, the world's most dreaded privateer, from the grave to welcome on global control. At the point when Jules is caught and subjugated by the Xifing, Reynolds should depend on his blade battling partner, Olivia, to take on the extraordinary powers at work encompassing the deadly Xifing.
A little film team takes off into the forest to shoot their satellite TV show. When weighty downpours comes about the film team runs for sanctuary and finds a strange looking house anticipating for them. The sole owner in the house is a bizarre woman …
This jolting, bold sex-experience takes you on a comical and mysterious excursion through tormented oceans and profound into the pit of our most lecherous cravings… Pirates includes destructive swordplay against skeleton heroes, grimy privateer prostitutes, amazing Incan wizardry, affected ocean fights, and 10 of the most stirring sexual moments throughout the entire existence of sensual cinema!
Jean finds that Anne can't get enough of being embarrassed by her special lady, Claire. Refined man that he will be, he chooses to participate in the exercises. Eventually, Claire gives up to him as well.
Liberated '70s couple tempt one more couple into trial and error with sexual openness and gathering sex.
Olaf and his mom run a motel and a white subjugation ring. They likewise carry heroin to keep the fiend young ladies cheerful so they don't attempt to get away. A youthful couple move into the house and the malicious property managers favor the female.

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