When a vehicle bomb detonates on the American side of the U.S./Mexico line, Mexican medication implementation specialist Miguel Vargas starts his examination, alongside American police chief Hank Quinlan. At the point when Vargas starts to speculate that Quinlan and his obscure accomplice, Menzies, are establishing proof to outline an honest man, his examinations concerning their conceivable defilement immediately put himself and his new lady, Susie, in jeopardy.
Barbara Graham is a lady with questionable moral principles, regularly a visitor in undesirable bars. She has been condemned for a few negligible violations. Two men she knows murder a more established lady. At the point when they get captured they begin to imagine that Barbara has helped the police capturing them. As a vengeance they let the police know that Barbara is the murderer.
A terrific heist begins to disentangle as the hoodlums take it on the lam.
New York City news essayist J.J. Hunsecker holds significant influence over popular assessment with his Broadway section, however one thing that he can't handle is his more youthful sister, Susan, who is involved with hopeful jazz guitarist Steve Dallas. Hunsecker emphatically discredits of the sentiment and volunteers marketing expert Sidney Falco to figure out how to part the couple, regardless of how heartless the strategy.
Burglar Nat Harbin (Dan Duryea) and his two partners put their focus on affluent mystic Sister Sarah, who has acquired a fortune - including an eminent emerald neckband - from a Philadelphia lender. Utilizing Nat's female ward, Gladden (Jayne Mansfield), to act like an admirer and case the manor where the lady resides, they set up an ideal break-in. Things get confounded afterwards.
A paper distributer's little girl experiences disregard by her folks. She and her companions go to wrongdoing by sprucing up like men, holding up corner stores, assaulting young fellows at gunpoint, and hosting makeout gatherings when her folks are away. Their "fence" gets them to waste the school on solicitation of evil unpatriotic customers, and they cross paths with the law, fruity dessert, and God himself.
True story of a guiltless man confused with a criminal.
Bud Corliss (Wagner) is an aggressive understudy who is charming Dorothy Kingship (Woodward) only for her dad's mining fortune. At the point when he finds that Dorothy is pregnant with his kid, he understands she is very liable to be excluded by her rich family. He guarantees Dorothy that he'll deal with her, yet he wavers when Dorothy demands wedding. Bud then, at that point, murders Dorothy and stages it such that it seems, by all accounts, to be a self destruction. He then, at that point, contacts her sister Ellen (Leith) with the expectations of wedding her to charm himself with her dad. Following two or three months Ellen tracks down proof to scrutinize the self destruction decision, and afterward finds Bud knew Dorothy. Ellen battles to vindicate her sister and save her own life.
Jobless sportswriter Eddie Willis is recruited by degenerate battle advertiser Nick Benko to advance his current protégé, an obscure Argentinian fighter named Toro Moreno. Despite the fact that Moreno is a bulky monster, his opportunities for progress are hampered by a powder-puff punch and a glass jaw. Taking advantage of Willis' notoriety for honesty and remaining in the boxing local area, Benko orchestrates a progression of fixed battles that drive the unsophisticated Moreno to #1 competitor for the title. The defending champion, the perverted Buddy Brannen, harbors disdain at the exposure Toro has been getting and promises to violently rebuff him in the ring. Eddie should now choose whether or not to tell the innocent Toro the truth.
In the Deep South, a sequential killing evangelist chases two small kids who know the whereabouts of a reserve of money.
Three men case a humble community cautiously, with plans to burglarize the bank on the impending Saturday, which turns savage and deadly.
A eager, conspiring lady is tracked down killed in her studio, and the police observe that there is no lack of suspects who needed to see her dead-among them a rich spouse she wouldn't separate from except if he paid her an enormous settlement, a sweetheart she caused to be terminated from his work and an associate whose life partner she attempted to seduce.
A detainee drives his partners in a dissent for better everyday environments which turns brutal and ugly.
A lady battles to persuade the police that she saw a homicide while peering out her room window.
Two LA criminal investigators get stuck between a rock and a hard place when they engage with a club artist who holds the way in to the missing plunder from a New York lift theft. When they observe the cash, they are enticed to keep it and treachery and defilement come to run the request for things.
Two crime investigators attempt to find simply current realities behind a mobster's merciless murder.
Rose Loomis and her more established, gloomier spouse, George, are traveling at a lodge in Niagara Falls, N.Y. The couple get to know Polly and Ray Cutler, who are honeymooning nearby. Polly starts to speculate that something is wrong among Rose and George, and her doubts develop when she sees Rose in the arms of another man. While Ray at first thinks Polly is blowing up, things among George and Rose before long take an incredibly dim turn.
A pickpocket accidentally lifts a message bound for foe specialists and turns into an objective for a Communist government agent ring.
A previous fighter - presently cab driver gets stirred up with gem thieves.
Reformed parolee Steve Lacey is trapped in the center when an injured previous fellow prisoner searches him out for cover. The other two previous fellow prisoners then, at that point, endeavor to compel him into doing a bank job.
Ray and Gilbert's fishing trip takes a frightening turn when the drifter they select up goes to be a sociopath on the run from the law. He's killed previously, and he tells the two that when they're at this point not helpful, he'll kill once more. The two companions plot a getaway, yet the drifter's unconventional actual torment, an eye that never closes in any event, when he rests, make it incomprehensible for them to tell when they can scramble toward it.
Dave Bannion is an upstanding cop on the path of an awful posse he presumes holds control over the police power. Bannion is warned after a partner's self destruction and his kindred officials' dubious quiet persuade him to think that they are on the hoodlums' finance. At the point when a bomb implied for him kills his significant other all things considered, Bannion turns into an incensed power of retaliation and equity, supported en route by the hoodlum's scorned sweetheart Debbie. As Bannion and Debbie fall further and assist into the Gangland's slippery and severe snare, they should utilize any means fundamental (counting murder) to get to the truth.
With three days before his paper overlap, a crusading proofreader attempts to uncover an awful gangster.
Jed, an aircraft pilot, (Widmark) is resting in a lodging when he sees Nell (Monroe), a young lady keeping an eye on a rich couple. As Jed becomes more acquainted with Nell better he understands that the lady isn't generally so steady as maybe she ought to be. A remarkable thrill ride including an uncommon sensational presentation from Monroe, showing a more extensive territory than a great many people may expect..

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