12 Dates of Christmas

201189 mins

12 Dates of Christmas is a rom-com that follows Kate (Amy Smart), a young lady who re-experiences a similar first date on Christmas Eve again and again. While trying to win back her ex on Christmas Eve, Kate winds up demolishing her prearranged meet-up with Miles (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), an attractive person she’s been set up with. In an odd touch of destiny, Kate is allowed the opportunity to re-live Christmas Eve multiple times! Kate chooses to accept what Christmas Eve has given her – a caring family, extraordinary companions and Miles, who ends up being an incredible person! Yet again be that as it may, similarly as she assumes she has taken care of business, the clock strikes 12 PM and Kate should live Christmas Eve. Under these abnormal new conditions, Kate figures out how to face challenges and appreciate what she’s been given. On account of the endowment of Christmas Eve, Kate tracks down joy by at last believing fate.




James Hayman


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