13 Demons

201680 mins

Gary, and his companions who are into gaming, renaissance fairs and different unpleasant indecencies, coincidentally find an uncommon, archaic table game called “13 Demons.” They find the game has a dim history and was prohibited from most nations some time in the past for odd and secretive reasons including unexplained passings credited to the game. The item is to liberate the Realm of Darkhaven from the 13 Demons of the Apocalypse. They credit it to metropolitan legend and choose to play, what they cannot deny is that the 13 Demons by and by walk the Earth camouflaged as people. Gradually, the game consumes them, luring them into accepting they are “The Golden Paladins,” and are on a blessed mission to save the world. In any case, when the news uncovers various nearby passings brought about by tree limbs, homerun sticks, hammers, and so on from aggressors decorated in body protective layer, the dainty line among the real world and dream is broken and the horrendous acknowledgment that they are in way over their heads sets in.




Daniel Falicki


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