7 ans

200686 mins

A dedicated young lady becomes trapped in a snare of sexuality and disloyalty in Jean-Pascal Hattu’s reliably unusual and finely created character study. A strikingly practical psychosexual dramatization, the movie’s sharp enthusiastic trustworthiness proclaims a particular new voice from a promising youthful chief. Hattu before long uncovers that Maite’s better half Vincent is in jail for a vague wrongdoing, and that she has vowed to sit tight for himself and take care of his clothing (in the event that not his intimate requirements) during his detainment. On one of her week after week visits, Maite meets Jean, a strangely curious and strongly coquettish jail superintendent, and soon the two start a dreary undertaking. Apparently stricken with Maite, Jean, in a token of benevolence to his darling, backs off on her significant other in jail; the two become buddies and even participate in some homoerotic shower talk. – Robert O’Shaughnessy




Jean-Pascal Hattu


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