Alex & The List

2018112 mins

Alex, an adorable, unassuming canine coach is enamored with an incredible lady – Katherine – savvy, capable, from a decent family. Katherine worships Alex’s peculiar awareness of what’s actually funny, genuineness and ability to tune in. Having chosen to see about getting married, Alex is bushwhacked when Katherine produces a definite rundown of thoroughly examined “enhancements” she feels will change Alex while heading to turning into the best couple. Alex naturally dismisses the idea that he wants to transform anything. Yet, with the danger of another contender, Alex chooses to “do the rundown.” Guided by a clique of companions that include: Dave, Alex’s steadfast youth mate, best female companion Lily, her better half Michael, and their 8 year old child, Nicky, Alex’s excursion has him rethink and question his convictions, qualities and world.




Harris Goldberg


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