Aliens Stole My Body

2020N/A mins

The Galactic Patrol is back – yet they’ve lost Deputy Rod Allbright’s body. It’s been taken by B’KR, the most devilish reprobate in the universe, which leaves Rod’s psyche offering one body to his irritating cousin Elspeth. Abandoned on a secretive outsider planet, our young saints leave set for find the just being who can stop B’KR unequivocally, the amazing time-strider himself; Art Allbright – who likewise turns out to be Rod’s father. The Galactic Patrol’s high-flying undertakings proceed in this exhilarating second film in view of the worldwide smash hit book series from acclaimed writer Bruce Coville and Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing. This super continuation draws the group of the Good Ship Ferkel into a snare of outsider plots that will test their fortitude to the most extreme – and eventually carry them up close and personal with one of the system’s most monitored secrets.




Sean McNamara


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