Bad Kids of Crestview Academy

2017100 mins

It’s four years after the fact, and another gathering of understudies has been set in Saturday confinement at the scandalous and renowned Crestview Academy. At the point when Siouxsie, sophomore ‘undercrust,’ drops in on the party to vindicate her sister’s passing, a Saturday detainment held for the advantaged seniors of Crestview Academy transforms into a date in hellfire. It’s not well before a guileless pussycat sweetheart, gay street pharmacist, smokin’ hot evangelist’s girl, spotless congressperson’s child, and the excluded more youthful outcast wind up secured up school with no chance to get out, pondering who (for sure) has set them up. Diversion and tension follow while every ‘terrible child’ sets one in opposition to the next, and individually each succumbs to irrationally grim ‘mishaps’ while attempting to get away.




Ben Browder


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