Blood Money

2012106 mins

Zheng Zhou is the most dreaded hero from the Shaolin Dynasty in China. His battling and weapons abilities are amazing. Yet, when his folks are killed and sister hijacked, he goes to an existence of medications and wrongdoing that will nearly kill him. With the assistance of Hong Kong’s infamous Dragon Triad organization, Colombia’s greatest medications cartel devises an intricate game plan to traffic two tons of rocks through the Port of Miami in America and at last into Australia and China. Yet, when the association goes bad after the Cartel holds a Triad relative prisoner, the Triads enlist Zhou to save the young lady and kill the Colombians. What results is a bloodied road battle across three nations. Zhou turns worldwide Hitman with an armory of hey tech reconnaissance gadgets, explosives, powerful weaponry and a variety of battling abilities going back fifteen hundred years. In any case, similarly as Zhou protects the prisoner and assumes responsibility for the whole medications shipment…




Gregory McQualter


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