Brave: Gunjyo Senki

2021115 mins

Students, including Aoi Nishino, participate in class and sports action at an esteemed secondary school. Aoi Nishino is an individual from the school’s bows and arrows club. He rehearses bows and arrows contemplatively and doesn’t mingle much with different understudies. His cherished companion Haruka Seno is additionally an individual from the bows and arrows club, yet she stresses over Aoi Nishino. At some point, thunder strikes the school grounds. From that point forward, the conventional existences of the understudies changes radically. Numerous samurai dive on the school grounds. Apparently the whole school has turned back the clock to the Sengoku time frame. Exacerbating the situation, they understand that they are in the time just before the Battle of Okehazama happens.




Katsuyuki Motohiro


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