Bright Green Lies

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BRIGHT GREEN LIES destroys the deception of green innovation in a strong and stunning confession, uncovering the untruths and fantastical thinking behind the idea that sunlight based, wind, electric vehicles, or green commercialization will save the planet. Pretty much every major natural association is pushing for supposed environmentally friendly power. Claims are being made about “green” advances that are honestly false. Words like “clean”, “free”, “safe”, and “economical” are frequently tossed around. In any case, sun powered chargers and wind turbines don’t develop on trees. The large scale manufacturing of these advancements requires expanded mining, modern assembling, living space annihilation, enormous ozone harming substance outflows, and the making of harmful material. Supposed environmentally friendly power doesn’t follow through on its most essential guarantee of lessening petroleum product utilization. On a worldwide scale, the energy is stacked on top of what is as of now being used.




Julia Barnes


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