Camp 14: Total Control Zone

2012104 mins

Shin Dong-Huyk was brought into the world on November 19, 1983 as a political detainee in North Korean re-training camp. He was an offspring of two detainees who had been hitched by request of the superintendents. He spent his whole adolescence and youth in Camp 14, indeed a concentration camp. He had to work since he was six years of age and experienced yearning, beatings and torment, consistently helpless before the superintendents. He didn’t knew anything about the world external the spiked metal perimeters. At 23 years old, with the assistance of a more seasoned detainee, he figured out how to get away. For a really long time he went through North Korea and China lastly to South Korea, where he experienced a world totally unusual to him.




Marc Wiese


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