Check Point

201790 mins

Port City North Carolina: During a standard set up camp, a nearby transient finds plans for an attack in America. At the point when he attempts to inform the nearby Sheriff about his disclosure, the Sheriff excuses his cases and has him secured for sauntering. At the point when the Sheriff sees odd connections with different towns people he starts to investigate the transients’ case of a sleeper cell living among local people inside this modest community. After proof of a decapitation is uncovered, others start to expect that the extremists assault on old neighborhood USA. Questions and tempers start to rise. Why this little ocean side local area with it’s Norman Rockwell lifestyle? A town where everybody knows each other… or so they thought. At the point when actually visually impaired and equity appears to be lost, It will take a multitude of five far-fetched legends banding together to penetrate the extremists and foil their attack plans. War is Hell and Hell returns home at the Check Point.




Thomas J. Churchill


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