2016N/A mins

The subject of the film is recognition for the single screen film corridors that are quickly becoming uncommon in India. Pranabendu Das is a resigned film exhibitor from a modest community in West Bengal. He possesses a cinema ‘Kamalini’ named after his isolated spouse. With the progression of innovation and the appearance of the advanced medium, this man was constrained to relinquish his theater which projected movies just on celluloid. Prakash is unperturbed by his dad, Pranab’s condition. He is a go getter, who might never allow ethical quality an opportunity while making himself a set up money manager. He sells pilfered DVDs of component films in the town. This is a dad child relationship story weaved through the wonderful background of film. Pranab has consistently kept up with himself as a genuine Cinemawala, while, Prakash is additionally spreading films among individuals, yet in a way not so adequate to his father.




Kaushik Ganguly


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