Circus of Books

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In 1976, Karen and Barry Mason had run into some bad luck and were searching for a method for supporting their young family when they addressed an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times. Larry Flynt was looking for merchants for Hustler Magazine. What was generally anticipated to be a short sideline prompted their turning out to be completely drenched in the LGBT people group as they assumed control over a nearby store, Circus of Books. After 10 years, they had turned into the greatest merchants of gay pornography in the US. The film centers around the twofold life they drove, attempting to keep up with the equilibrium of being guardians when LGBT culture was not yet acknowledged. Their many difficulties included confronting prison time for a government vulgarity indictment and empowering their store to be a safe space at the stature of the AIDS emergency. Bazaar of Books offers an uncommon look into an untold section of eccentric history, and it is told through the lense of the proprietors’ own girl, Rachel Mason, a craftsman, producer and musician.




Rachel Mason


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