201979 mins

In little Colewell, Pennsylvania, the occupants assemble at the mailing station for mail and tattle, while the days pass peaceful and tranquil. That is until news comes that the workplace is to close, and cherished representative Nora (a grand Karen Allen) is passed on to battle for her work and think about the decisions she has made that saved her in Colewell for such countless years. Contacting, with a sprinkle of despairing, Tom Quinn’s expressive film is a tribute to unassuming community life and the peaceful feelings that accompany wistfulness and recollections of the past. As fears emerge around her future and her past turns out to be perpetually present, Nora states, “I would rather not be desolate,” however this means subtle. Colewell perfectly catches country America, while giving space to the magnificence of time elapsing and thinking about what decides a daily existence well lived.




Tom Quinn


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