Dark Tourist

201284 mins

JIM TAHANA doesn’t have a lot of an effect when he cruises you by. In any case, look nearer and you’ll detect his craving – the profound yearning of a voracious American soul – continuously checking to eat up something – whatever could fill the singing, unexplained void inside him. Jim fixates on the side interest that has been important for his DNA since he was a little youngster: melancholy the travel industry – the demonstration of venturing out with the expectation to visit spots of misfortune or debacle. Consistently his drawn out get-aways from work are spent going to sorrow vacationer areas in the existences of various chronic executioners he is entranced with. This years fixation is Carl Marznap, a mass homicide from New Orleans, Louisiana. However, this outing is no conventional get-away as Jim’s rotten sexual driving forces and debilitating hold on reality decay into a rough depression that will at last open an unspeakable mystery putrefying inside him, carrying The Grief Tourist to it’s merciless and stunning finale…




Suri Krishnamma


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