Deep Dark Canyon

201390 mins

Bloom Towne is a humble community sheriff under the thumb of the grounded, profoundly powerful Mayor Dick Cavanaugh’s family. At the point when Bloom’s two high school children, Nate and Skylar incidentally shoot and kill Dick during a deer-chase, Bloom’s for quite some time held loyalty to the ruling Cavanaugh faction is tried. Skylar (still a minor) chooses to take the wrap for his more established sibling Nate, asserting he discharged the lethal shot. The Cavanaugh family’s speedy counter sends Skylar en route to area prison, destined to be attempted as a grown-up. Frantic and responsibility ridden, Nate breaks Skylar out of prison and sets off a chain of rebellious demonstrations, which send them profound into the forest and on the run. Sprout’s decision between the law and his children prompts disclosures of old special kinds of mystery that take steps to annihilate all that he loves.




Abe Levy


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