Der lachende Mann – Bekenntnisse eines Mörders

196666 mins

Continually grinning or giggling, this man, a self-recognized Nazi, gladly uncovers that he went to the Congo to save Western development from Bolshevism – to finish crafted by the Nazis. Wearing his tactical wilderness uniform (with his Second World War adornments) he waxes persuasive about the “colors” of South Africa, “clarifies” politically-sanctioned racial segregation, and openly examines his “experiences”. Shots of carcasses, torments, and executions of Blacks are intercut. Rarely would one can see and hear a genuine, “live” Nazi in real life, talking (pretty much) uninhibitedly in light of the fact that he expected him-self to be among companions rather than with two of the most cleverpolitical disseminators within recent memory, working for the other side.




Gerhard Scheumann


East Germany


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