Der Nachtmahr

201588 mins

It’s late spring. One unending, hot party under the open sky. Tina and her companions are enjoying a truly incredible lifestyle of an entire age of debauched Berlin-party-kids. Yet, following one exorbitant night she’s spooky by a baffling terrible animal in bad dreams she has. The main individual she discusses her feelings of trepidation to is her therapist. His recommendation is to face her apprehensions and to contact the animal. At first Tina rejects however after she catches wind of her folks’ arrangements to place her in a psychological medical clinic she begins conversing with the animal. She gradually understands that the animal is a manifestation of her apprehensions and that it has similar sentiments she does. Scared of being known as an oddity she begins concealing the animal in her room. Sooner or later she even draws near to it. It’s practically similar to a relationship with a wild lost creature. Without precedent for her life, it nearly appears as though Tina dares to act naturally. However at that point her folks and her companions see the animal…




Achim Bornhak


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