Die kommenden Tage

2010130 mins

Welcome to 2020: The European Union has fallen after the fourth Gulf War and huge blockades keep unlawful workers out of urban communities that are scarcely working. In this profoundly unpredictable climate is the group of Walter Kuper, an energy combination leader. Walter’s little girl, Cecilia, has joined the Black Storm psychological oppressor bunch. Her sister Laura should pick either parenthood and the man she cherishes; their sibling Philip has been called into battle for Germany in an irredeemable conflict to get the final oil fields. Featuring driving entertainers Daniel Brühl, Johanna Wokalek and Jürgen Vogel, “The Days to Come” poses provocative inquiries about the present status of things as it portrays individual and political real factors in a scarily convincing close future.




Lars Kraume


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