Eiga: minna! Esupâ da yo!

2015114 mins

A secondary school understudy Yoshiro has never got a spotlight in his life and goes through his days capriciously. What just sparkles in his day to day existence is a young lady Sae at his school. Regardless of whether being totally ignored by her, he actually fantasies about turning into her genuine affection later on. At some point, he ends up having a clairvoyance mystic power. As he glances around, there appear to be more clairvoyants brought into the world in the city, and some way or another they are on the whole virgins! One uses his psychokinetic ability to satisfy his sexual longing or transforms into a flasher utilizing instant transportation capacity… On the appearance of the mystics like Yoshiro, the city gets progressively swarmed with the sensual psychological warfare evoked by a secretive gathering. Realizing he has never stood out enough to be noticed from the young lady he had always wanted, Yoshiro decides to utilize his influence to save the world from this hot tumult and hotshot what he must the affection for his life!




Sion Sono


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