Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story

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“Entertaining Angels” is a fascinating title for this film about the 1920’s and 30’s social lobbyist, Dorothy Day, for it very well may be respected that how this lady treated, without any assistance, in every case dubiously, in her battle against social bad form would, to be sure, be magnificent amusement for heavenly messengers… or it could imply that her work was to support the ‘heavenly messengers’ at the lower part of the social stepping stool for whom she battled day by day against the people who might hold them down… this incorporated her work as a suffregette. Anyway it is implied, this film catches a significant part of the genuine dramatization that occurred on enormous city roads, and of the extremely private preliminaries which in the long run drove her to change over to roman Catholicism, and a commitment to aiding the poor.




Michael Ray Rhodes


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