Era Uma Vez…

2008117 mins

Situated over the remarkable Ipanema ocean side in Rio is the Cantagalo ghetto. Consistently, surges of Cantagalo occupants advance down the mountain, just to vanish into their environmental factors as a feature of the imperceptible average that cleans lofts, works in cafés, and sells food along the picturesque, sun-doused shores. Youthful Dé (Thiago Martins) is simply such a man. Dé lives with his mom Bernadette (Cyria Coentro) in a confined Cantagalo condo, selling franks around the ocean to make the lease. His sibling Beto was killed when Dé was only a youngster, and his took on sibling Carlão (Rocco Pitanga) has been imprisoned for a burglary that he didn’t submit. At some point, while chipping away at the ocean side, Dé meets Nina (Vitória Frate). Nina is the lone offspring of a fruitful attorney named Evandro (Paulo César Grande), who’s none to glad to find that his girl is dating an individual from the lower class. How…




Breno Silveira




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