Extinction: The G.M.O. Chronicles

2011114 mins

A Retrovirus, which was imagined as an apparatus for modern hereditary designing, has gained out of influence and is spreading quickly. While it crosses all organic entities inside our biological framework totally unpredictably (blending plant in with creature and people) most plants demonstrate more safe on account of their intricate DNA. Be that as it may, the straightforward qualities of the plants lead people to become peculiar changes, by and large even to death. Inside multi week, 90% of humankind are either terminated or presently not human. Be that as it may, a little part of the earth?s populace stays invulnerable to the infection and should make due in this new and continually changing environmental framework. Tom basement is one the survivors and on an old army installation in the Eifel he has dug in himself. Further survivors meet up and prevail with regards to cutting out a day to day existence in this new world. Be that as it may, the GMOs – the ?hereditarily adjusted organic entities? – continually foster themselves further, and soon the fence of the base offers no additional protection.




Niki Drozdowski


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