Frieda – Coming Home

202091 mins

A youthful American couple, Mark and Olivia, are anticipating their first youngster. Before that, they need to make their fantasy of an excursion to Europe materialize. They book private facilities through an Internet entrance and set out on their a month venture. On their appearance in Germany Elisabeth gets them the air terminal. She is the girl of the proprietor of Mark and Olivias first convenience, a minimalistic home, situated at a delightful lake, in the old neighborhood of Olivia’s extraordinary grandparents. They discover that the 82-years of age proprietor is in the emergency clinic and biting the dust. Elisabeth drives Mark and Olivia to the house. And afterward the two youngsters go through their first night in Germany. A night wherein Mark becomes more acquainted with the proprietor in an exceptional manner. The following morning, it is oddly tranquil over the house by the lake. Furthermore nobody will know so rapidly what happened a couple of hours ago.




Michael W. Driesch


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