God Loves the Fighter

2013104 mins

TRINIDAD – King Curtis, a transient in the city of Port of Spain, is continually overlooked by bystanders. He talks and assuming that he needs to – some of the time yells reality with regards to the narratives behind the paper title texts. As the guide of our story, King Curtis acquaints us with a youngster named Charlie… Charlie, an inhabitant east of the beacon, is making an honest effort to remain on the correct way. Be that as it may, while focusing on no work, he is thinking that it is difficult to say no to other “open doors”. A shot at reclamation introduces itself when Dinah, an expert prostitute, crosses his way needing assistance. As the story unfurls, King Curtis uncovers the expanding influence made by an individual’s direction; prompting snapshots of win and snapshots of misfortune. ‘God Loves The Fighter’ is an element film. Set and recorded in Trinidad, W.I.




Damian Marcano


Trinidad and Tobago


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