1937127 mins

In the 30s, a little town in the Provence is losing its occupants since youngsters like to go to the city to secure simple positions and departure from being ranchers living in relative destitution. A couple of elderly individuals and the poacher Panturle remain. Panturle fantasies about resurrecting the town, tracking down a spouse, establishing a family and work as a rancher. At some point, the town is visited by a voyaging blade processor, Urbain Gedemus and a young lady, Arsule. Gedemus deals with Arsule like a slave, however Arsule acknowledge this since she has no place to go and – we surmise her ‘work’ with Gedemus is the last thing that saves her from being a whore. At the point when she meets Panturle and is familiar with his fantasies, she escapes from Gedemus and chooses to remain with him. Together, they start another life, made of hard cultivating work yet for the most part of joy to have one another – satisfying the prior dreams of Panturle. Would anything be able to break the bliss of their new life?




Marcel Pagnol


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