Healed by Grace

2012111 mins

For for her entire life, Riley Adams has longed for being a top notch artist. Triumph in local contest has acquired her a pined for took shots at the nationals, however an awful mishap carries her fantasies to a stop. She is confronted with the best difficulty of her life, yet Riley sticks to, still up in the air to recuperate on schedule for the public contest. Going to equine treatment to recover versatility, she finds a unique bond with a wonderful female horse named Grace, and a most unforeseen blossoming sentiment too! Exactly when it appears to be the old Riley is back, calamity strikes and it appears to be every one of her endeavors will fail miserably. That is, until God’s elegance shows up from a most startling spot. Mended By Grace is a beguiling, heartfelt, and awful excursion of confidence that will take you from the fervor of tip top dance contest to the endearing pony farm where Riley rediscovers her will to succeed.




David Weese


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