Henry & Me

201467 mins

Henry and Me recounts the fearless story of Jack (AUSTIN WILLIAMS), a daring young man who is managed an extraordinary blow. Falling short on certainty and loaded up with self-question, trust appears to be lost until a baffling outsider named Henry (RICHARD GERE) shows up. With the bit of his pin, Henry clears Jack away to a mystical existence where ailment does not exist anymore and New York Yankee legends play until the end of time. The extraordinary excursion carries Jack up close and personal with Babe Ruth (CHAZZ PALMINTERI), Thurman Munson (PAUL SIMON), Lefty Gomez (LUIS GUZMAN) and Mickey Mantle (DAVID MANTLE) – who all encourage Jack to confront his feelings of dread and never surrender. The film peaks at Yankee arena, where Jack should test his recently discovered fortitude to save the season and track down his direction home. Highlighting an elite player cast of remarkable characters, Henry and Me is endearing film insight for the whole family with a message of trust… when life rattles… swing away!




Barrett Esposito


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