I am Ichihashi: Taiho sareru made

201383 mins

Tatsuya Ichihashi kills a British lady who showed English in Japan. Ichihashi gets away from the police trawl to Aomori, 550 kilometers away. Discovering that he is needed by the law, he slices his own lips to change his elements. Troubled by culpability, he keeps on staying away from the law requirement. He goes 1000 kilometers to Shikoku to take part in a journey in anticipation of reviving his homicide casualty. Clearly it comes up short and he stays a criminal. As though to get away from his own responsibility he changes his personality and has corrective medical procedure to additionally modify his highlights. He works at building destinations and when individuals get dubious of him he escapes to a distant island in Okinawa where he depends on endurance skills.




Dean Fujioka


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