If I Had a Million

193288 mins

An old business big shot, accepted to be kicking the bucket, chooses to give 1,000,000 dollars each to 8 outsiders picked indiscriminately from the telephone index. The different segents of this 1932 movie were coordinated by Ernst Lubitsch, Norman Taurog, Stephen Roberts, Norman Z. McLeod, James Cruze, William A. Seiter, and H. Bruce Humberstone. The immense cast incorporates Richard Bennett, Gary Cooper, W. C. Fields, May Robson, George Raft, Charles Ruggles, Alison Skipworth, Charles Laughton, Mary Boland, Gene Raymond, Frances Dee, Wynne Gibson, Jack Pennick, Jack Oakie, Roscoe Karns, Cecil Cunningham, Grant Mitchell, Clarence Muse, Joyce Compton, Dewey Robinson and Margaret Seddon.




Ernst Lubitsch


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