In My Father’s House

201593 mins

IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE investigates character and inheritance in the African-American family, as Grammy grant winning rapper Che ‘Rhymefest’ Smith and his tragically missing dad reconnect and attempt to construct another future in Chicago’s violent South Side. Himself an offspring of a messed up home, Che hasn’t seen his dad, Brian, in more than 20 years, and assumes him dead. However, subsequent to purchasing his dad’s youth home, Che embarks to track down him, and discovers that his is presently a destitute alcoholic residing just a few traffic lights away/The film offers a testing take on memory and character in a family two ages eliminated from subjugation as it tracks Che and Brian’s common excursion to make another inheritance for themselves, their local area and the up and coming age of family.




Anne Sundberg

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