Isis Rising: Curse of the Lady Mummy

201379 mins

In antiquated Egypt, Isis and Osiris controlled the land. All were glad for the couple aside from one, Set, an envious man who killed Osiris to assume control over his realm. Isis slipped into Osiris’ burial chamber and attempted to raise him from the dead utilizing her dark wizardry. Set got Isis in the demonstration and had Osiris sliced to pieces, with each piece covered in an alternate piece of the land, so Isis would never again raise her significant other. Isis pledged to retaliate for Osiris’ passing and return with him to control over every one of the universes. Presently, six understudies take their last course in prehistoric studies in expectation for graduation. Their last task is to uncover and report the gallery’s new acquisitions with their instructor, Prof. Safeguards and widely acclaimed Egyptologist Dr. Nasir. During the night they aimlessly stir the antiquated soul of Isis’ lost soul and her fury is released on the group.




Lisa Palenica


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