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In a modest community in California’s San Joaquin Valley, 14-year-old Homer not set in stone to be awesome and quickest bike broadcast courier anybody has at any point seen. His more seasoned sibling has done battle, passing on Homer to care for his bereaved mother, his more established sister and his 4-year-old sibling, Ulysses. Thus it is that as spring goes to summer, 1942, Homer Macauley conveys messages of adoration, trust, torment… and passing… to the great individuals of Ithaca. Also Homer Macauley will wrestle with one message that will change him everlastingly – from a kid into a man. In light of Pulitzer Prize-winning creator William Saroyan’s 1943 novel, The Human Comedy, ITHACA is the quintessential wartime story of the Home Front. It is a story about growing up with regards to the abundance of youth, the pleasantness of life, the sting of death and the humility and sheer goodness that lives in all of us.




Meg Ryan


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