Kummeli V

2014105 mins

Four anecdotes about Finnish life cross. In the principal story, the ex-bassist Tom commits an error. He calls the old band mate, drum craftsman Monkki Mähönen redesign of this property to the spouse ‘s summer home. The story begins to get “kauhuelokuvamaisia​​” highlights the Monkki and the woman of the house Stina on a crash course. The accompanying story wannabee – bike group and its chief Jouni embarrassed in the town shop. Jouni chooses to retaliate for the embarrassment burglarizing exchange. He is an intense film oddity and draws its vengeance plan motivated by the renowned activity motion pictures. In the third story of the excursion of the yellow press, the beginning of the sixties to mid. During the movie has become known for terrible conduct Helsinki dream and science fiction chief Kurt von “Kurre” Riikonen, which ascends at the focal point of the fourth story.

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