Le noir (te) vous va si bien

201288 mins

The life of a Middle-East group of migrants in Europe. The dad worries about the weighty concern of expulsion. To protect his way of life, his practices, is required, so he stays dedicated to his past, his starting points, to himself. His little girl is presently an adult. He stresses and wishes she would get hitched soon. The young lady leaves the family home each day, yet puts on something else in a bar before she goes to work, her hair down. She confounds the youthful manager of the organization that utilizes her. He fell head over heels and is prepared to effectively wed her. However, the young lady keeps her opportunity of decision, very much like her mom had finished with her dad. She will not have the opportunity to present the main person for her to her folks. A companion of her dad’s gets them. In a cafe.




Jacques Bral


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