Love on the Rise

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Victoria Worthington is a capable cake decorator who watches life from the sidelines, as she conveys her extravagant cakes to weddings, occasions, and marvelous gatherings, while she returns home depleted. While conveying one of her cakes, she mixed up a rich, pursued lone ranger, Jacob Adams III, for a functioning server at the wedding. Victoria gets her secret man, who goes by the name of Jake, to assist her with conveying the cake. They appear to have an exceptional association and destiny steps in when they later reconnect at a bistro. He winds up after her to a dissent at Adams Development , who is anticipating destroying her adored pastry kitchen, however she does not know that Jake is one of the Adams in Adams Development. Victoria is experiencing passionate feelings for, yet will their affection endure when she finds that he is Jacob Adams III and will her business survive?

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