Magic Piano

201133 mins

3-D manikin movement experience around two children from Warsaw in Poland who find an old piano in among a heap of garbage that changes into an enchanted flying machine. The children, Anna and her cousin Chip, utilize the Flying Machine to fly across Europe to observe Anna’s dad in London. Before it occurs, they need to figure out how to fly the mystical machine… On their way they need to explore an obstruction course of sight-seeing balloons, dive into Paris on a mission of the flying machine, climate a savage tempest in the English Channel, and with nightfall quick moving toward track down father in the enormous obscuring city of London. Before they contact him they are torn from the flying machine by an enchanted tempest, and end up back in the heap of garbage in Warsaw. Anyway perhaps the Dad saw something in the blustery skies of London, on the grounds that the following day he gets back home to his daughter.




Martin Clapp


China, Norway, Poland

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