Mang long te jiong

2015111 mins

Roger Li, the child of the most extravagant man around, is associated with a fender bender which has before long turned into all the rage. The main observer James, apprehensive and frightened, denies seeing the mishap and appears to keep reality. Veteran secret cop Dream Dragon and James are bygone era amigos; with a goal to exploit their relationship, Dragon approaches James to examine this speculated substitute case. James’ cherished sister Kwan is brought into the world with a genuine eye infection. Her main wish prior to losing her sight thoroughly is for James to understand his fantasy about being a well known whiz. It is the inspiration for James to join the male exhibition “Man of China” in desire to win the opposition. In the interim, James is welcomed by a famous chief to work abroad on his new worldwide undertaking. In any case, the shooting time frame covers with the court date of the case. It would appear everything is constrained by a genius with a planned expectation yet to be uncovered…




Mark Wu


China, Hong Kong


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